House Tour: Our New House

It’s been a weekend of non-stop moving, but I finally stole a few minutes last night to put together an almost-complete house tour. There’s a lot of blabber below, so for the moment I’m going to shut it and let you get going.

Main Floor

Foyer (Missing!)

Houses tend to have front doors, and thankfully this one does, too. It’s connected to a foyer with the staircase to the second floor and a set of french doors that open into the dining room. But, you won’t see any of that in this tour (you can, however, spy it a little bit of it here). In the chaos, I failed to get any pictures of this space, and now it is filled with all manner of odds and ends we haven’t found places for yet (in my line of sight are: two area rugs, several stacks of art, a box fan, a storage container filled with tools and supplies) so the chaos has only increased. All I can really tell you about this space is: Coming Soon.

Dining Room
This picture is post-floor refinishing. The floor boards had too many dings and scratches to look good with a lighter stain, so we ended up going with a mid-tone pretty close to what they looked like before. EXCEPT, the finish is now much more even and much, much shinier. Last time, we used a satin polyurethane, but this time we used a semi-gloss finish, and it’s even better. If I ever refinish another set of floors (not anytime soon, please, but maybe someday!) I would go with a full out high gloss finish. The shine is so dramatic! Love it.

Planned updates:

  • Refinish floors
  • Paint
  • Replace trim
  • New light fixture

Living Room

One of my favorite things about the house is how you can see directly through from the front porch out the back yard. Looking forward (in the photo above), you can see the front dining room; looking back (in the photo below), you can see through the kitchen and sun room out to the back porch. So that’s a little bit of orientation for you. Also, the doorway in the left of the photo below goes into bedroom 1 (below).IMG_5845

Planned updates:

  • Refinish floors
  • Paint
  • Replace trim
  • Replace light fixture

The camera is doing a lot of the work in making the kitchen look good here. It’s a decently functional space but is clearly begging for a refresh. I’ll go more into our kitchen plans in a separate post, but the basic idea is short term–paint everything; long term–replace everything.

Sun room
This room almost sold me on the house all by itself because WINDOWS WINDOWS WINDOWS. Enough said.

Bedroom 1
Nothing fancy here, but it’s a large bedroom on the main floor with an attached bathroom. No complaints.

Planned updates:

  • Refinish floors
  • Paint
  • Paint trim
  • Replace doors (You can’t see them, but they are cheap hollow-core doors. We want to replace them with older, more period appropriate styles)
  • Replace light fixture (Got a futuristic ceiling fan happening right now)

Bathroom 1
IMG_5758 IMG_5759
There’s a lot to love here (STORAGE) but also a lot that I personally don’t like, including the floors. An old bungalow needs a good hex tile; it’s just a universal law. Who am I to argue with that?

Planned updates:

  • Remove bead board (According to me; I haven’t convinced Justin of this yet. It’s nothing against bead board, but I have some issues with the installation here.)
  • Paint
  • Replace flooring
  • Replace doors

Second Floor

Bedroom 2
IMG_5768 IMG_5770
This spare upstairs bedroom is my current lowest priority. It’s fine, and really–it is a legitimate spare room. We’re not even sure what’s going to be in it right now, so better to wait to discover its purpose before investing any time/money in updates.

Bedroom 3 (Master)IMG_5775 IMG_5776 IMG_5777
This upstairs bedroom has a lot of recesses and angles, but it’s big and separate from the main living space, so we plan to use this as our bedroom. The dual closets are super duper, and tray ceilings really makes the space feel open.

Planned updates:

  • Paint
  • Replace door (Really all the doors in the house need to be replaced.)

Those are my only firm plans at the moment, but I have some other ideas I’m tossing around. I don’t dig the trim color with the carpet color, so something needs to happen there, as well as with the closet doors, and probably the ceiling fan. A ceiling fan is practical for a bedroom, but it needs to be a little less ’90s.

Bathroom 2
2014-12-17_1953 2014-12-17_1958
I stole these photos from the real estate listing, but the previous owner left almost everything pictured, so it’s not too far off. The white/off white/yellow color combo happening here makes my eyeballs twitch a little bit, but everything is clean and the storage is triple what was in our last bathroom, so that is a MAJOR win.

Planned updates:

  • Paint
  • Paint cabinets
  • New counter top (eventually)
  • Replace flooring
  • Replace door

I’m excited for all the projects we have ahead of us, but for now I really just want to be completely moved out of our old house. And to sleep for three days. And to win a lifetime’s supply of Blue Bell ice cream. Just the necessities.

Happy Monday, friends!

PS – I’m working on updating our house tour at the old house, but if you’ve never seen any of the preliminary befores/afters, you can check them out here.