A gallery of past projects with DIY tips and instructions. Click any of the images or links to go to the full post!


Mid-century Paoli Chairs
Reupholstered Mid-century Paoli Chairs from 1964
Webbing a Couch Frame
Tufted Linen Armchair
Tufted linen arm chair
Mid-century Loveseat

DIY Decor & Accessories

Custom Framing
Cheap custom framing using pre-framed art
Striped Yarn Wreath
Striped yarn wreath with cork letter
Mini Pom Pom Wreath
Mini Pom Pom wreath
Faux Crochet Wreath
Faux Crochet wreath
Cleaning/Polishing Brass

DIY Home Improvements

Reorganizing a Closet
Installing new closet shelving
Refinishing Wood Floors
Refinishing old wood floors with a buff sander
Hanging New Doors


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