House Tour

Our First House

We lived in our 1930 bungalow from March 2013 until February 2015. Although we didn’t complete every project we had planned before buying our current house, we loved how this sweet little place turned out. We still own it as a rental, and I can’t say I don’t still miss it from time to time.

Front Yard/Exterior

Back Yard

Living/Dining Room


TV Room


Master Bedroom
IMG_0493IMG_0494    IMG_5874 IMG_5893IMG_5875

IMG_04861144 bathroom-2

Want all the details? You can read more about our first house here:

Our Current House

We moved into our 1921 bungalow in February 2015 and are still early in the process of fixing her up.


Here’s some of our progress on the first floor.



Guest Bedroom (Being used as the Master for now)

IMG_5712IMG_6660 IMG_6679 IMG_6683 IMG_6688

More to come! For now you can see all the befores of our current house here:


4 thoughts on “House Tour

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  2. Nice tour it was, nice furnishings and as the saying goes home sweet home, sure you have lots of memories associated living in the place for 2 years. Nice house, it looks simple but still complete.


    • Thank you, Maria! To my mind we still left the house kind of unfinished–especially the office and bathroom–but I do have lots of great memories there for sure! The time to move on to our current home came a little sooner than I expected, but I hope to be here for a number of years and really do the place up right!


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