Thrift Score Thursday

Happy Friday eve, friends! I’m especially excited on this particular Thursday to be guest hosting Thrift Score Thursday, a really excellent Instagram hashtag party hosted by Brynne of The Gathered Home, Cassie of Primitive and Proper, Corinna of A Designer at Home, and Tricia of Black and White Obsession.

I love love second-hand stuff (as most of you probably already know), and it turns out vicariously enjoying others’ finds is almost as good as finding a great thrift score yourself (almost). And guess what? You’re all invited to play along, too!

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My Find

Starting off today with my find this week–this great sunburst mirror was a yard sale find. You can’t have too many mirrors, and I love the way this one shows its age. I haven’t found a place to hang it just yet because I basically want to hang it everywhere!


My Picks


Ashley from Bigger than the Three of Us scored this awesome mid-century dresser on Craigslist for only $50, and I absolutely love the drawer pulls! Ashley is a fellow Springfieldian, so I’m glad she got to this before I did, because I would have been very tempted to buy it myself and lawd knows I don’t need another dresser. Plus it looks so nice against that lovely color in her master bedroom.

Find @ashley_biggerthanthethreeofus on Instagram!


Can you believe Alice from Thoughts from Alice got this amazing rattan footstool for only $2 (yes, that is TWO UNITED STATES DOLLARS)?! Meanwhile, I spent my $2 on a package of Trolli Octopus Gummies, and that seemed like a great deal until I found out about this stool. I’m always a big fan of rattan, but the charming boho fabric puts this one over the top.

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Sabrina (@futuristichuman) is one of my thrifting heroes (check out #thriftingwithsabrina to see all her scores, but be prepared to be very jealous!) and this estate sale rug is just the reason why. I have eternal rug mania, and this one has color, pattern, texture–everything! The craftsmanship is just gorgeous.

Find @futuristichuman on Instagram!


Speaking of craftsmanship, Jenn from Suite 22 Antiques found this amazing wooden horse sculpture that was carved by a human. Like with his or her hands! I never get over how cool the idea of that is. Jenn finds the niftiest stuff, and she actually sells it on Etsy, which I could never do because I am undisciplined and a hoarder. You should check out her shop, though, because her stuff is priced really well and is all extremely charming.

Find @suite22antiques on Instagram!

That’s all from me, but there is so much more to see! Click below and head on over to Brynne’s, Cassie’s, Corinna’s, and Tricia’s sites to see their finds and picks. Plus don’t forget to check out the #thriftscorethursday feed–it’s a good time any day of the week!

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Thank you so much for the invite, ladies!


Thrift Scores: Recent Finds

It’s been a while since I talked about my rainbow foil rooster and flea market greenery and I’ve acquired a few goodies recently, so I thought I’d round them up for you today. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen some of these scores already, and if you don’t, you can here and get the breaking news as it happens!

Pair of Albini Style Chairs
This rattan chair was part of my kitchen reveal, but it was also one of my favorite finds this year! There are actually a pair of chairs, but it ended up that only one would fit in this corner of the sunroom, so I have the spare to find a place for elsewhere in the house. I was actively looking for rattan furniture when I spotted these goodies one Saturday morning. The only snag–they were in St. Louis, more than three hours away from where we live.

But my brother’s girlfriend is from the St. Louis area, and they visit pretty often, so on a whim I called him to see if he was going to be up there that weekend. Believe it or not, he was in the car driving AT THAT MOMENT. That’s when I started freaking out. I may or may not have been gesticulating wildly or yelling, “THEY WILL BE MINE,” I really can’t recall. In the end they had to drive an extra hour round trip to meet a stranger in a post office parking lot, but they did it because they are fine human specimens, and possibly they could hear the crazed intensity in my voice. In any case, public shout out to Dylan and Michelle! THANK YOU.

Vintage Basset Hound PaintingIMG_6564
I was thrifting by myself on Mother’s Day when I spotted this guy. I consider myself to have a pretty good eye, but sometimes my desire to find something is so strong that I’m not sure whether a thing is great or I just really want it to be great. This is why I like going with Justin–he always unemotionally sees garbage for what it is. So when I found this painting, I quickly snapped a pic and texted him, “Am I crazy, or is this awesome?” When he said he had been looking at it a few days earlier, I knew it was a go. I bought it for myself as a dog mother’s day gift. A dog painting is the perfect mother’s day gift for a dog mother, in case you were wondering.

Vintage Paint-by-Numbers

I made the decision to buy this painting in about three seconds, which I NEVER do, but it was only $5, and after the dog I figured I might as well trust myself. I think it has about the best colors ever.

1959 Bissman Dining Set

These three chairs are part of a dining set we bought at a yard sale that turned out to be a pretty lucky score. The set consisted of a mid-century drop-leaf table, two leaves, and these three chairs, all made by Bissman furniture, a company that manufactured furniture right here in Springfield primarily from the 40s-60s. Carl Bissman is not the best-known mid-century designer by far, but his furniture is still very valuable and collectible, probably because it’s insane quality. This particular set is solid walnut and was made in 1959.

Set of 4 Mid-century Dining ChairsIMG_6697

Since the dining table only came with three chairs, I was trying to collect another three to complete the set. I probably would have gone with three different chairs, but my preference was to find another set of three. I did one better when I found this set of four chairs at a yard sale last weekend. These were made in 1954. They don’t have a maker’s mark, but I’ve seen another set of this same chair before, so it seems like it was a relatively popular style.

All together, they are working out pretty well in the dining room. Now I’m on the look out for some fabric to reupholster them all to match.


In the last dining room post, I talked about finding a wood dining table and about springing for the Ikea Maskros pendant, and now I can cross both off the list. I initially declined to get the pendant when we went to Ikea, but I had non-buyer’s remorse, and when some lovely friends went a few weeks later, they picked it up for me. So, shout out to Brett and Megan, too! It takes a village, you guys.

Tell me about your thrift scores! Find anything good lately?

Thrift Scores: Rainbow Rooster + Flea Market Greenery

When your house is wrecked and your life is in chaos, there is one and only one thing that you can do to make it better: go out and buy more things to stack in more piles and create more chaos. I had some assistance in this recently from a fabulous rainbow foil rooster on black velvet (OH MY, have you ever heard a more alluring combination of words?).


I’d been visiting this rooster in a certain flea market for months now and each time remarking, “Oooh, this is neat,” as if I’d only just seen it for the first time, but Justin always gave it the side eye in a way that suggested that he believed if he was just casual enough, I’d forget about this rooster without him ever having to say he didn’t like it. He doesn’t always understand my undying love for velvet. He was also clawed in the face by a rooster as a child, so that could have something to do with it.

Anyway, when you are already spiraling out of control and are losing things like your keys and ID for days at a time, that seems like the perfect time to make a questionable decision, and so I marched out the other day and finally purchased this glamorous fowl.

To anyone who may wonder about the extent of the chaos in our home, I submit to you this photo as exhibits A, B, C, and D, because really, what more evidence do you need?


Once I brought the rooster home, though, Justin miraculously saw in a different light, so now we are just split on whether or not to paint the frame. I, with my dislike of fake antique finishes, think a nice coat of black or white or green or who-knows-what-color paint would do the rooster a world of good, but Justin wishes simply to revel in its current perfect weirdness, frame and all. It’s too cold right now to spray paint anyway, so the resolution to the argument will have to wait for the mercury to rise.

In the meantime, this rooster is luxurious, psychedelic, and country all at the same time for only $13. It may just be the greatest purchase ever made. EXCEPT–would you believe we bought this plant in a flea market?


We thought we were buying the plant stand only for a cool ten bucks, but when we got up to pay, the plant was part of the deal. It needs to be migrated to a nicer pot, and the plant stand needs a good coat of spray paint, too, but when it comes down to it, I just can’t choose between them. It’s always great to score on a piece of furniture or other large purchase, but sometimes small items with even smaller price tags can still be oh-so satisfying.


Have you bought anything old, new, or unusual lately? Or maybe something small that just makes you smile?