Crazy For Colored Interior Doors

A great door can make a huge impact on the look of a room. We saw this firsthand when we switched up the doors in our last house. Disappointingly, our new house has all ugly wood hollow-core doors. I would love to replace them with old thrifted or salvaged doors; however, our door frames are rather tall, and it’s been hard to track down old doors that fit or are large enough to be trimmed to size.

This has got me looking for other inspiration for jazzing up our boring and unsightly doors. Front doors that pop have been the rage for a while, but lately I have been loving the look of bold interior doors.

Whether in a neutral, cool color, or warm color, a non-white, non-wood door can add a special something that makes an interior feel fresh.


Black interior doors via Manhattan Nest

Black doors are becoming pretty popular and for good reason. They are neutral, ground a space, and their high-contrast, dramatic look imparts a sense of instant elegance.

via Manhattan Nest

Gray is another wonderful twist on a neutral door. I love the calming effect of this light gray door in Lucille Gauthier-Braud’s Paris apartment. It brings just the right amount of interest without drawing too much attention from other elements of the decor.
Gray interior door via Design Sponge
Lucille Gauthier-Braud for Design Sponge

Cool Colors

Green is my favorite color (hello, my kitchen floors), so of course I love this dreamy green door. Personally, I find green to be a very versatile color to decorate with, which is one of the reasons I gravitate toward it so much. In the pic below, the green door brings a great sense of playfulness while still feeling at home with the rustic and modern elements in this space.

Awesome green door features in Domaine
Light Locations via Domaine

I haven’t used blue too much in the past, but it seems to be making its way into the new house more than I expected. Depending on the shade, blue can be striking, inviting (a la the first example below), or classic (a la the second example below).

Light blue interior door
found at hometalk, original source unknown, but whoever you are–your door is just grand. Love the indoor wreath, too.

Classic blue interior door via Jenna Burger
via Jenna Burger Design

Warm Colors

Yellow is definitely a color that says HI THERE, but on a small area like a door, it can provide a lovely, happy punch of color. Soft yellows can read “baby” or “dated”, but a bright yellow like the door below is super modern and chic.

Awesome yellow interior door via Redbook
via Redbook

Pinks probably wouldn’t be many people’s first choice for the common area of the home, but used in an appropriate space with a complimentary palette, a pink or coral door can look very sweet.

Sweet pink door for a girl's room via Young House Love
via Young House Love

Red is a strong color and used in large quantities can be overwhelming–this makes a red door the perfect way to incorporate this power color in a limited but pleasing way. In the picture below, the red door coordinates with other red accents to elevate and brighten a neutral kitchen.

Bold red interior door
via The Lettered Cottage

What’s your feeling on colored interior doors. Fabulous or too much?


Crazy for Moroccan Rugs

If I were in a Beauty and the Beast type situation where a witch was about to transform me into a home furnishing accessory, I would politely ask that witch if she would please consider making me a Moroccan rug.

Moroccan rugs seem to be everywhere on design blogs lately, usually in white and gray or black palettes that are super chic and work in any space, like this adorable room that belongs to Ajenda and Greg at The Twiggies:

This is not, however, the type of Moroccan rug I would ask to be turned into. Not when I could be a crazy amazing, gorgeous, colorful rug with geometric patterns like the cross-section of a giant, diamond-shaped jawbreaker (all you 90s kids out there are bound to have seen the inside of a giant jawbreaker a time or two).

(Vendimia Rugs Moroccan Azayku Berber Multi Rug  via, $862 for 4×7)

(via the Boucherouite Etsy shop, around $550 for 5×8)

moroccan rug 3
(via the pinkrugco Etsy shop, $898 for 4×8)

As is typical of me, I would most prefer to have an authentic vintage rug, and there are plenty available on eBay, Etsy, and other online resale shops (if you haven’t browsed eBay for rugs, you should definitely check it out!). But retailers are starting to come out with great reproductions, too, and I would gladly welcome either of the West Elm rugs below into my home.

(Riad Wool from from West Elm, $499 for 5×8 or $899 for 8×12)

(Charm Wool Rug from West Elm, $1299 for 9×12)

Which version of these two styles do you prefer–the chic and demure or the bold and artsy? Also, what kind of home furnishing accessory would you want to be turned into? This is something you should really think about seriously if it’s never crossed your mind. And please share–I’m dying to know!

Crazy for Modern Chandeliers

After only one very gray, wintery day in the Ozarks, I already feel the need for a little more light in my life. For many people, this means fantasies of a beach vacation. For me, not so much. I’m not too crazy about sand, but I’ll tell you what I am crazy about: chandeliers. Not your granny’s heavy, heirloom, lead crystal type chandeliers (beautiful as those are) but modern and contemporary chandeliers that look like art that just happens to give a lovely light.

I love the stainless steel pendant over my dining room table. It’s the right size for my small table, which is the right size for my small dining area. And for $30 at Lowe’s, it was also the right price.


But I do sometimes dream about having a large dining table punctuated with a statement chandelier around which I could have fancy parties where formal dress would be required. Maybe even hats. But as it is, I work from my kitchen table and eat dinner on my couch. Ah, but a man’s reach exceeds his grasp, amiright?

So–to cut to the chase–here’s a little pick me up for the end of a long, drab day. Let there be light!

Glass Orb Chandelier from West Elm
This is the chandelier I have currently picked for my future large dining table. Simple, modern, and doesn’t completely blow the budget.
Glass Orb Chandelier - Opal

Italian Teardrop Chandelier from The Swanky Abode
Italian mid-century lighting is just pretty spectacular across the board. It’s a sub-obsession of my general chandelier obsession.
3 Italian Teardrop Chandelier 1 Swanky Abode Lighting

Woodland Chandelier by Jessica Bodner, featured at
So lovely! It would almost feel wrong eating a mac’n’cheese dinner beneath this beauty. 

Torino Sputnik Pendant from
The mid-century lover simply cannot not include some variation on the Sputnik light. The flower-like glass on this one makes it extra elegant.

Tilda 5 Light Iron/Wood Chandelier from AllModern
A unique and striking twist on a traditional chandelier. For some reason it reminds me of something from beneath the sea.

Which of these lights would you like above your table?

Crazy for Woven Wall Tapestries

Of all the exciting and inspiring words in home decor, tapestry isn’t really one of them. It sounds kind of old, drab, formal. Add wall to the front of it, and the mind (mine, at least) goes in one of two directions: I’m either picturing 1) some kind of Renaissance nudes in heavy embroidery, or 2) a creepy 70s-era owl that looks basically like a piece of shag carpeting.

The wall tapestries I’m crushing on, however, are neither stuffy nor psychedelic. They come in styles from boho to retro to minimalist and are all perfectly chic, modern, and fun.

Here are a couple of my favs from the skilled artisans over at Etsy.

Bohemian Tapestry / Modern Wall Hanging / Woven Tapestry / Gypsy Fringe / Orange Pink Blue Green Purple / Rustic Textile / Home Décor
(from the LemonCucullu Etsy shop)

Macrame Wall Hanging, Forest
(from the HollyMuellerHome Etsy shop)

Evolving Textures Handmade woven hanging wall tapestry
(from the JessCoit Etsy shop)

Cotton Ball "Little James" Decorative wall hanging woven hand / Hand Woven Wall Tapestry / textiles-Wool-Fiber
(from the PinballFairy Etsy shop)

I love the idea of wall tapestries as 3D art that adds texture, color, and dimension to a room. Plus, it’s not very often that average Josephines like myself get to own original artwork, so the thought of knowing a tapestry was unique and handmade is appealing to me.

As a disclaimer–just because the internet makes me paranoid from time to time–I should add (and hopefully this is apparent) that I claim no credit for any of the above lovely photos. That belongs to the respective Etsy shop owners.

What I do claim credit for is alerting you to the fact that you have been unfairly judging wall tapestries on the basis of their truly boring name. Now that you’re enlightened, my job here is done.

Crazy for Brass Pineapples

I’m not a great romantic, but I have experienced love at first sight once in my life. I know what you’re thinking, but it actually was not first time I set eyes on my future-husband as he stood in front of a box of Krispy Kremes.

Rather, it was a few weeks ago when I was cruising Instagram and came upon a specimen of rare and exotic beauty: a brass pineapple:
(from the JudysJunktion Etsy shop)

Ever since, I simply can’t get these pineapples out of my head. I’m admiring them on Etsy and Pinterest, watching them on eBay–in short, stalking them to the best of my web browsing abilities. Though I only just discovered them, brass pineapples are a fairly common vintage decor item. They typically function as either a candle holder or a jar and come in a glorious array of sizes, styles, and materials:
(from thewhitepepper Etsy shop)

(from Merchant Archive)
(from the SadRosetta Etsy shop)

But while they are relatively easy to find, they are not–unfortunately–cheap to buy. Small ones tend to start in the $75-100 range and go up quickly from there. For now, I’m resigned to loving these pineapples from afar, but one day, in the everlasting words of Wayne Campbell: