The New Blog is (Almost) Here!

Hello, friends! Just checking with a quick update, but first, our gorgeous weather last weekend has me totally ready for spring, so here are some beautiful flowers for you.


I wrote a few weeks ago about my plans to migrate to a completely new blog, and the exciting news tonight is that that blog is alllllllmost ready. Sometime in the next 1-3 days (but hopefully tomorrow, all goes well) my new site at will be live, and I will start publishing content over there.

WordPress and RSS friends, your subscriptions should update automatically (woot!). If you follow at Bloglovin’, I will add the site there soon after it’s live so that you can find it. If you follow through some other blog reading platform, I hope you add me there and come along. I will continue to be on Instagram at the handle brittkingery, and honestly lots more happens there than makes it to the blog, so you can always find recent updates there!

On behalf of myself and my muse, Jellybeans, thank you for reading white dog vintage over the last year and half. I will implement a site redirect here so that you can still find me through this address for a while longer. I look forward to sharing so much more with you on the new blog!



3 thoughts on “The New Blog is (Almost) Here!

  1. How fun!

    One tip for you. Instead of adding your new blog to Bloglovin, email them and have them change your current URL to the new one. You won’t lose readers that way 😉


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