New Year, New Room Refresh Reveal!

It’s reveal day for the New Year, New Room challenge. I have to say a special thank you to Stephanie of Casa Watkins for hosting this challenge. It’s been really fun and refreshing for both me and my room to do a smaller-scale makeover that doesn’t require blowing up the whole house. My guest room definitely looks more inviting today than it did three weeks ago when I shared a plan to bring together a serene palette of greens, blues and yellows together with art from Minted and new lamps from Lamps Plus. I think I followed through with that vision pretty well.

But first, remember the before? It was a disorganized mess that had a wild dog living in it (those who know Jellybeans can attest that this is only kind of a joke).


And now the after!


I picked up this “pillow to the side” technique from the One Room Challenge reveal of fellow NYNR refresher Sharon of Pretty Practical Home. It also happens to be the same pillow, but that’s a coincidence!


The thing I enjoyed most about this room was that it felt different from what I have done in the past, mostly I think because the desk is a different style of furniture than pretty much anything else I own. I’m always looking to mix up my look, though, and I still think the outcome is still very “me.”

The biggest challenge in this room was to keep the design in balance even though I moved the bed to one side of the room to make enough space for the desk. I was a little worried that placing the largest piece of furniture and art both off-center would look strange, but using an eye-catching piece of furniture (the desk), other symmetrical elements (the lamps), and an anchoring piece (the rugs), I managed to make the visual balance work.

As for the “rug,” I actually decided to use a blanket for that function. I’ve seen blankets used for rugs before, and it’s honestly something I’ve skeptical about. But since this was kind of an irregular sized space as far as rugs go and I had this blanket on hand, I thought why not? Here’s my verdict about the rug-as-blanket approach–it can be done effectively, IF:

  • The blanket has the appropriate weight. This one is wool. Something with an open weave definitely would not work.
  • You use a rug pad. I had a small piece of rug pad that I used, and that definitely made a difference to how well it stayed put.
  • You use it in a low traffic area. This is not for your living room or any other area that is in the flow of traffic. Rug pad or no, you would be folding down the corners fifty times a day.

Cozy Eclectic Guest Bedroom

That’s my reveal! Due to the crazy weather conditions over the last week for many of the blog hop participants, we are splitting our reveals between this week and next week. What this means for you is that you can get great refresh-related content AND reveals from everybody two weeks in a row. So head over to the other participants and see what goodies they have ready for you. And don’t forget to check back next week–lots more to look forward to!


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This Is Our Bliss | Seeking Lavender Lane

And again, a huge thanks to all our sponsors, and especially to Minted and Lamps Plus for their contributions to my design!




34 thoughts on “New Year, New Room Refresh Reveal!

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  4. Really pretty, Britt! I love that yellow desk with the rattan chair and the layered “rugs” (never would have thought of using a blanket for a rug!). Once again, you put together such a unique and unexpected color palette…so inspiring!



    • Thank you so much, Rachel, that is totally sweet! I can’t claim total credit for the blanket rug idea, but I am surprised at how well it worked out! Thankfully this blanket has fringe–I think that really helps it pass as a real rug, lol.


    • Thank so much, Cassie! And I know, the chairs…they were kind of a great thrift score. I spotted them on Craigslist in a town 3 hours away and my brother just happened to be in that town for the weekend! These chairs and I were meant to be together. 🙂


    • Thanks so much, Jess! I have to agree, it looks so much fresher to me, too. Way before, when I first decorated it, I used some red and yellow pillows that I had on hand, and while it wasn’t terrible (just really different), I prefer this SO much more. I’m a green girl. 🙂


  5. Gorgeous! I love the vintage flair and the color combinations are wonderful!! Such a welcoming room. Loving the desk and the lamps are great!


  6. Brittany! Your room looks beautiful! I love your subtle mix of prints, textures and colors on the bed and the layered rug look (never even THOUGHT to use a blanket as a floor covering!) – really cool! I also love that round mirror over the desk – so good. Awesome, awesome job!


    • Thank you, thank you Rachel! I’m a little surprised by how well the blanket rug turned out, but I will take it! I love the round mirror, too. Definitely one of those things I want to have in every room of the house, lol.


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  9. I know where I’d like to stay if I ever make it to your neck of the woods. The guest room is perfectly lovely and I can’t say enough about how much I enjoy the color selections you made in the space. A nice mix of materials with the desk chair as well. Well done!


    • Thanks so much, Sharon! Definitely call me if grand adventure ever brings you to Missouri (LOL!). The color combo is probably my favorite thing. And my husband claims not to care for this desk, but I think separating it from its matching chair made a big difference.


  10. It’s a gorgeous room with a perfect balance of colors. The desk looks fantastic and you did such a nice job bringing it all together. Your styling is beautiful.


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