Master Makeover – ORC Week 3

In the ” worse before it gets better” trajectory of a renovation, we have so far been stuck in the “worse” phase of our master bedroom. If you missed weeks one and two, you can see the project introduction and before pictures here and the first week progress and mood board here. To briefly recap, we are doing a floor-to-ceiling reno of our master bedroom that has so far included scraping the ceilings, tearing out the carpet, and laying and patching some of the original flooring (more on that in a bit). Justin has said to me a few times  that “this is as bad as it will get,” and he may finally be right. After discovering plywood in both closets and several sunken or split boards in the floor, the patching is done, and the makeshift carpenter’s shop that popped up will soon exit the bedroom. We plan to sand and refinish the floors this weekend, and after that, things should start to get cleaner and more orderly. Fast! That’s the hope anyway.

Here are a couple of mess/progress shots from this week.

IMG_7600floor beforefloor after

Very glamorous over here this week, you guys.

I also promised to breakdown the mood board for you in this post–which I will–but it took only since last week for the plan to change, or at least for a few question marks to crop up.

Here’s what I started out with:


  1. Pattern People for Hygge & West Forest Floor wallpaper – Early in the project I was really committed to putting wallpaper on the wall behind the bed, basically to emphasize the focal point and give some added visual interest since we aren’t using curtains. As the room is getting painted, though, I’m less and less sure about the wallpaper. I still absolutely love the design, but the plain wall looks so serene (remember it from last week?). My taste usually tends to land on the side of MORE but I’m wondering if that’s the right call here. It’s a dense pattern with lots of movement and really packs a punch, but I’m not sure whether I want this room to punch in that particular way. I figure I can always order it later if the room starts to feel lacking, but I know Justin would politely but firmly pretend to not hear me if I ask to take it down in 6 months. What’s your feeling? Wallpaper or no?
  2. Photograph of Positano – Lots of wall space for art in this room, and photos of the Italian coast have really been speaking to me as a (half) Italian girl. We also thrifted a large vintage poster over the weekend, so if I can sneak “build custom frame” onto Justin’s to-do list, it could also be an option.
  3. Glass lamp with cork shade – We’ve had these lamps and shades from Target (the smaller version of the ones linked) for a few years, and the cork works well with the “natural elements” aspect of my design plan.
  4. Broyhill Brasilia nightstands – These are our existing nightstands, and they’re so fabulous I would never really think of replacing them. We also have a mid-century dresser set that will be going in the room (you can see it in our old bedroom here).
  5. CB2 Alchemy Bed – Pulling a little bait-and-switch on you with this one. This gorgeous bed is actually not the one we’re using. Instead, we got the trusty Ikea Tarva bed, which I’ll be painting black (matte or gloss TBD, but opinions welcome). BUT, I needed a black bed for the mood board. The Tarva’s original natural wood just did not give the right effect, while this lovely bed is truly the stuff of dreams.
  6. Red Afghan Rug – My lovely red “accident” rug (see week one for more details) has grown on me a lot since it first arrived, and I can’t wait to see how it looks in the room. I bought it on eBay from this seller–just beware the coloring in the photos.
  7. H&M Cotton Pillow – I love these H&M pillow covers. They’re REALLY reasonably priced and nice, too! Ikea sells 20×20 pillow forms for like $6, so I’m going to grab a couple of those and call it a day for only about $30 for both.
  8. H&M Velvet Pillow
  9. CB2 Mint Lumbar Pillow – I’m not at all pleased to tell you that after 10 days of waiting impatiently for this pillow to arrive, I noticed in my order that it is backordered, and CB2 reports it will not be in stock by the end of the ORC. So, I’m going to buy only the pillow form and make the cover myself.

Wallpaper thoughts, PLEASE! I feel you need to be really, really, really sold on wallpapering before you hang anything, so maybe the fact that I’m second guessing it is my answer right there.

Also don’t forget to check out the rest of the linking participants over at Calling it Home!


26 thoughts on “Master Makeover – ORC Week 3

  1. I kind of love the wallpaper and wish I was in my own home so I could hang some myself. I think on the wall with the windows the pattern will be broken up and not so intense so I say yes to the paper. The room is looking great already and I’m sure it will be great whatever you decide.


    • Thanks for the vote, Maggie! I’m sorry you can’t have the wallpaper of your dreams right now. I know there are some removable options, but it’s so pricey! Tough to commit that kind of investment to a rental.


  2. My two cents on the wallpaper is that it IS fighting a little with the rug, and the room will be calmer with just one or the other. Since you already have the rug, I would skip the paper (even though it makes you cry inside to skip a chance to wallpaper, right?!) – a bedroom is a good place to have a more serene scheme! PS, your nightstands are divine. I’m sure you will knock this one out of the park- can’t wait to see!


  3. Looks great, Britt! You guys have done an incredible amount of work already! I must say, I’m pro-wallpaper. I just think it looks so great with that gorgeous rug. And those nightstands are amazing. Can’t wait to see what you decide!



  4. This is tough! I looove the wallpaper, but my bedroom is the one serene and quiet room in the house so I totally understand that pull too. Either way, love what you’ve chosen!


    • Thanks, Arielle! I know, I’m so conflicted! Why does the wallpaper have to be SO good? It’s really make this decision impossible, lol. But I appreciate your support. It will be a huge improvement either way, so I’m definitely looking forward to that!


    • Thanks for your input (and SUPPORT) Kyla! I have to admit, I’m totally stuck with this decision. Hoping for a flash of wisdom this week. Good news is, I think it will still be great either way, so I’m excited for that!


  5. Here’s a thought… If you think a wallpapered wall might be too much, what about incorporating a similarly patterned fabric as curtain panels? I have no idea if you were even planning to add curtains to the room, but it could be a more subtle way to bring in a dark gray and white pattern. I do love that wallpaper + rug combo though and I think you could definitely rock it!


    • Thanks for the feedback, Jess! Things have taken a crazy turn this week, and I think I’m going to end up not using the wallpaper. The rug is here to stay, though, and I did end up getting a variation on this particular art. I think it’s going to turn out kind of different from my original vision, but I’m excited about it. Definitely be sharing more of the deets next week!


  6. Love your room plans!! So glad to see another creative ORC room that I want. You have made so much progress. I wish I had done more this week. You could always use the wallpaper as art work. You could still use it behind your bed, but frame out a couple of panels. Looking forward to seeing your room come together!! Following along 🙂


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