Crazy For Colored Interior Doors

A great door can make a huge impact on the look of a room. We saw this firsthand when we switched up the doors in our last house. Disappointingly, our new house has all ugly wood hollow-core doors. I would love to replace them with old thrifted or salvaged doors; however, our door frames are rather tall, and it’s been hard to track down old doors that fit or are large enough to be trimmed to size.

This has got me looking for other inspiration for jazzing up our boring and unsightly doors. Front doors that pop have been the rage for a while, but lately I have been loving the look of bold interior doors.

Whether in a neutral, cool color, or warm color, a non-white, non-wood door can add a special something that makes an interior feel fresh.


Black interior doors via Manhattan Nest

Black doors are becoming pretty popular and for good reason. They are neutral, ground a space, and their high-contrast, dramatic look imparts a sense of instant elegance.

via Manhattan Nest

Gray is another wonderful twist on a neutral door. I love the calming effect of this light gray door in Lucille Gauthier-Braud’s Paris apartment. It brings just the right amount of interest without drawing too much attention from other elements of the decor.
Gray interior door via Design Sponge
Lucille Gauthier-Braud for Design Sponge

Cool Colors

Green is my favorite color (hello, my kitchen floors), so of course I love this dreamy green door. Personally, I find green to be a very versatile color to decorate with, which is one of the reasons I gravitate toward it so much. In the pic below, the green door brings a great sense of playfulness while still feeling at home with the rustic and modern elements in this space.

Awesome green door features in Domaine
Light Locations via Domaine

I haven’t used blue too much in the past, but it seems to be making its way into the new house more than I expected. Depending on the shade, blue can be striking, inviting (a la the first example below), or classic (a la the second example below).

Light blue interior door
found at hometalk, original source unknown, but whoever you are–your door is just grand. Love the indoor wreath, too.

Classic blue interior door via Jenna Burger
via Jenna Burger Design

Warm Colors

Yellow is definitely a color that says HI THERE, but on a small area like a door, it can provide a lovely, happy punch of color. Soft yellows can read “baby” or “dated”, but a bright yellow like the door below is super modern and chic.

Awesome yellow interior door via Redbook
via Redbook

Pinks probably wouldn’t be many people’s first choice for the common area of the home, but used in an appropriate space with a complimentary palette, a pink or coral door can look very sweet.

Sweet pink door for a girl's room via Young House Love
via Young House Love

Red is a strong color and used in large quantities can be overwhelming–this makes a red door the perfect way to incorporate this power color in a limited but pleasing way. In the picture below, the red door coordinates with other red accents to elevate and brighten a neutral kitchen.

Bold red interior door
via The Lettered Cottage

What’s your feeling on colored interior doors. Fabulous or too much?


7 thoughts on “Crazy For Colored Interior Doors

  1. Our front exterior door’s interior (and exterior) is painted black; the interiors of the other two exterior doors are a super light, cool blue; the inside of our sons’ room door is ORANGE 🙂


  2. I don’t have so much imagination…at our house we got brown cupboard wood doors… I liked the color stuff here…even I tend to gravitate towards green, that is because I like being eco friendly…(: i enjoy trees breeze and even beachs, so blue too will be a attractive colour for me…but here green looks dull and black looks bold…doors got to be prominent i think


    • Me too! The black doors are so dramatic. The doors in our house aren’t too nice, so while we wait to source new ones I’m painting the existing ones black, and I cannot tell you how much better they look! Something about the black just brings them up a notch.


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