Kitchen Update | One Room Challenge Week 2

Welcome back to week two of Calling it Home‘s One Room Challenge! Last week I showed you the space and laid out the general plan for my kitchen makeover. This week I want to talk a little more about the materials I chose and some of the progress we made in the last seven days.

The goal of this makeover is to do bright, cheery, and modern for less than the cost of a fancy dinner. We want to replace the entire kitchen in a few years, so it wouldn’t make sense to blow our budget now or invest in finishes we may not be able to reuse. That’s why I’m giving myself about $300 to touch everything from floor to ceiling.


Valspar Woodrow Wilson Linen — We carried this color over from the adjacent living room. It’s a nice, subtle cream that’s neutral in natural light with some yellow tones in shade. I like that it keeps the room from feeling too stark and adds some contrast with the white cabinetry.

Valspar High Hide White — We used this in the last house and are using it again in this one everywhere we have white cabinets or trim. It’s a true white that goes equally well with warm and cool colors. Plus, because it’s a basic, untinted paint, it’s the same color every time, no matter how many different gallons you buy.


kitchen materials

White subway tile — Simple, classic, and at around $2.50/sheet at Home Depot, very cost effective! We chose the sheets of smaller tiles over the individuals because the scale was better for the small space we have to cover.

Satin nickel hardware — In my experience, Ebay is the only place to shop if you need a deal on hardware. I got 25 knobs, 6 cup pulls, and 58 hinges for only $85 in this shop (super nice people, too). This stuff is not low quality, either. In fact, you can buy this exact knob at Home Depot for $3 each (whereas I got them for $1 each).

Counters — Existing. I’m not super in love with these counters. They remind me of a mossy rock or a water reptile or maybe a drab fish. Thankfully they’re pretty neutral, though, so they’re easy enough to work around. I’m hoping when all is said and done they’ll be the last thing people notice!



I haven’t settled on a color for the floors, yet. I started out with the two test colors but decided they were too light (I did use the blue on the left for my dining room walls, however). After carefully studying my Pinterest board, I figured out that I much prefer a saturated color, so I’m going in a completely different direction and hoping my color is on one of those green swatches. My current favorite is Valspar Redstone Osgood Green, but Valspar Pine Green could become the leading contender at any moment. The more similar things are, the harder it is for me to choose between them, so I wouldn’t say I’m close to picking one for sure. I need to get some more samples and see how these look in real life.


IMG_6229 IMG_6228IMG_6231

Not a whole lot of visible progress just yet–more has seemingly been undone than done in the kitchen this week. I’ve removed some cabinets to paint but have yet to put them back. The hardware just arrived on Monday, though, so I’m planning to go Tasmanian devil on the door painting this week (you know, this). I’d been holding off on removing too many doors before I had the necessary means of putting them back on.

Justin started installing the back splash, including heroically tackling the tedious job of wedging tiles into the small space between the counter and the window (the sill is off the window right now, which is why it looks funny). When we bought the house, it really bugged me that the splash guard wasn’t flush with the wall like it should be, but now I see the universe was doing us a favor by leaving a little room to slide this tile in and not have to cut it. And now the splash guard does appear to meet the wall, and there’s nothing more I can ask for in life.

Goals for the next week include lots of cabinet work, completing the back splash installation, and trying not to let any more bananas go rotten (did you notice them?–they’re destined for bread now for sure). Check back next week and see how we did! In the meantime, visit Calling It Home and check out all the progress by One Room Challenge participants. There are so many amazing projects in the works!


22 thoughts on “Kitchen Update | One Room Challenge Week 2

  1. Hi Britt, Your kitchen will look so smart when you’re done! I can’t believe how similar (yet different, of course) our kitchens are with both spanning what used to be two separate rooms. I’ve also turned to subway tiles to help out my countertop 🙂 Enjoy your week of painting. Robin


    • Thanks, Robin! I don’t know about you, but the separated kitchen set up is a little strange to me (I only moved into this house 2 months ago). The second bank of cabinets are in what used to be a deck and is now a sun room. I guess whoever enclosed it figured it was a good opportunity to expand the kitchen (which would have been REALLY tiny before). Can’t complain about the storage, though!


  2. I am a huge fan of subway tile lately – classic and also budget friendly. It looks great in the place you put it up for your back splash!! I can’t wait to see your floors as well!


  3. Haha I feel you on the paint choices- I feel like it’s maddening when you like two colors just they’re shades apart. That shade makes a world of difference though! And honestly, I think your kitchen is gorgeous already! I love how open and airy it is, though I’m really enjoying how the subway tiles are looking so far. That was an inspired choice 🙂

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin


    • Thank you so much, Marlen! Yes–one shade does make a huge difference! That makes me feel much better about my agonizing. 🙂 The openness of the kitchen is one of the things I love most about it too. It gets lots of great light and a nice breeze from sun room, too.


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