10 Instagram Accounts Mid-Century Lovers Should Follow

Believe it or not, a child conceived on the day I got my first smart phone still has not been born. That’s right, I’m the person who held out against the most ubiquitous invention of our time until the Year of Our Lord 2014. It’s not that I was trying to resist the inexorable tide of technology, or make a statement about consumerism, or be even just be a super cool hipster with a string/tin can telephone I brought everywhere and forced people to talk to me through. I waited so long to get a smart phone mostly because 1) I’m really very cheap, and 2) I didn’t necessarily think it would make my life any better.

Nine months later, I would say that my life post-smart phone is pretty much the same with one significant improvement: INSTAGRAM. I don’t have the Facebook app, and Twitter makes me feel 90 years old, but the access Instagram has given me to beautiful art, design, and furniture is kind of mind blowing.

Some of my favorite accounts are those of pickers and vintage shops around the country. If you, too, love to ogle mid-century furniture, here are ten accounts you don’t want to miss:


The furniture is gorgeous enough, but the pictures from this LA shop makes SoCal look like the oasis I’ve always believed it is (except for that whole drought thing).


“Steez” is apparently an adjective that means “style with ease,” so of course I instantly respect someone willing to play with language, even if Urban Dictionary is the source that recognizes this definition right now (it seems like a short jump from Urban Dictionary to the OED these days anyway). This San Diego picker with a recently opened shop has an interesting eye for composition in his shots and an industrial edge that I really dig.


The personal account of one of the founders of Joybird furniture, which manufactures new mid-century styled pieces, midcenturyfurniture shares Joybird customer photos, classic mid-century designs, and inspiration photos, like the one pictured above.

a table shop

The photo captions from this account are all in Russian, so I have no idea who these people are or what they do, but they consistently share amazing interior spaces with exquisite furniture and overall design.


This San Francisco shop specializes in legit vintage Scandinavian pieces, so this is the REAL THING. They feature some of the most beautiful wood ever, and they supplied the secretary in Joan Holloway Harris’s Mad Men apartment . The piece of furniture that is–that sounded a little confusing, with Joan herself being a secretary and all, but you know what I mean.


Modern Manor is a Phoenix-based mid-century furniture store that also offers home staging, so this account features great furniture as well as lots of ideas for styling mid-century pieces in your home.


This Asbury Park, NJ store scores loads of great furniture (gimme that table!), decor, vintage cameras, and any other odd or end a collector could want.


This shop in Asheville, NC features tons of great items, lots of which get new upholstery courtesy of account and store owner Megan. She is pretty darn good. The prices are also fantastic, so if I ever go back to Asheville, I’m going in a U-Haul.


This Chicago shop uses the tried and true combination of classic pieces + simple but appealing styling + light, bright photography. Their posts alway make me happy! And of course a little bit jelly, too.


This account of this Minneapolis shop is all about simple but dramatic photographs of exquisite furniture and lots of drool-worthy wood. The credenza pictured above is also the smaller version of the one in our living room, so I may be a little biased to these folks’ taste.


This LA shop consistently gets ALL the furniture; it’s hard to even imagine how there’s anything left over for anybody else. Plus they’ve got these amazing vines in what appears to be their alley, which is extremely wrong and unfair to all other alleys but makes a great backdrop for their pictures.

What are your favorite Instagram accounts? Tell me who else I should be following!


8 thoughts on “10 Instagram Accounts Mid-Century Lovers Should Follow

  1. I have to admit, the vast majority of accounts I follow on Instagram are animal accounts. (Kittens, piglets, and corgis!) Haha. I don’t know if that’s slightly embarrassing to admit or not, but I find it can be hard to find good accounts to follow. That being said, these are all beautiful and I’m going to check them out now!

    Thanks Brittany!

    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket


    • That’s not embarrassing, that is awesome! I actually love that you use Instagram just for cute things. I’ve never come across an account for piglets, or I would probably be following it myself! 😀


    • What a great idea! I never really imagined you could use Instagram in the same way as, say, Urban Spoon. I almost never look at food photography, which is kind of weird, because it’s pretty much everywhere. Maybe I should start! With any luck, it might inspire me to actually cook something that doesn’t come in a cardboard box!

      Liked by 1 person

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