Build or Buy: Metallic Accent Table

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If you’ve got a little DIY spirit in you, you’re decorating on a budget, or you’re just plain cheap (some of all three apply to me), odds are you don’t buy much without considering whether you could make the item yourself. That’s where I am right now with the metallic accent tables I’m coveting for the dream couch. By the way, the dream couch is with Bob the upholsterer right now, and Justin (who drove two hours round trip to drop it off–bless him) reports that Bob owns a number of dachshunds, which seems like a good sign to me. I’m now filled with even greater confidence that the couch will exceed my already dangerously high expectations.

As far as the tables go, there are a number of really good, affordable options out there, like these 8, all under $200. Items 1-4 are even under $100!

eden target_4accordion hexagonmartini cyrilriona galium

1. Eden Table – $70 at World Market 2. Threshold Metal Accent Table with Wood Top – $60 at Target
3. Metal Accordion Side Table – $79 at Urban Outfitters 4. Hexagon Side Table – $89 at Urban Outfitters
5. Martini Side Table in Antique Brass – $149 at West Elm 6. INSPIRE Q Cyril Table – $190 at
7. Safavieh Riona Accent Table in Black/Gold – $144 at Target 8. Safavieh Galium End Table – $125 at AllModern

On the other hand, though, there are also lots of cool DIYs for making your own metal tables. My favorites are those that use copper pipes and fittings for the base, like these two featured on Style by Emily Henderson (left) and Brit + Co (right).

1a 1-Edit

Heck, you can even literally turn your trash(can) into table treasure, though fancy trashcans big enough to be tables are surprisingly hard to find (gah! do trash can manufacturers not THINK about these things??). I think this one is technically a laundry basket, but it’s the same thing.

And then, because two options isn’t already enough to ensure I’ll never come to a decision, there is the ever-present but often elusive possibility that a Craigslist or flea market miracle could deliver me exactly the perfect thing at any time (or never). So I’m left with a questions: Am I patient enough to wait for the perfect thing? Probably no–I have zero patience ever. Am I decisive enough to make a choice from the other available options? So far, also no. At the moment my first choice is the West Elm table, though with my second choice–the World Market table–coming in at half the price, practicality could win out. I haven’t given up on the idea of a DIY yet, though. I love the idea of the copper pipe legs and have another project in mind that could be perfect for them.

Having reached the end of this post without coming to any conclusion, I’m going to stick a “To be continued…” on this one, but I’ll be sure to share if I build, buy, OR thrift anything great. 🙂

Do you ever think about making your own furniture/decor/clothes/whatever it is you want, or do you grab your plastic and shop away?



12 thoughts on “Build or Buy: Metallic Accent Table

    • Thanks, Monika! Believe it or not, seeing that Target option in the store is what got me started thinking about this whole thing in the first place. It is very cute in person; I just wish the materials felt more “real” (for lack of a better term). I can’t hate on Target for bringing affordable, cute pieces to the masses, but I guess they just don’t make ’em like they used to. 😉


  1. While those are all really cute & affordable options, I prefer to build or upcycle. There’s a really cute animated movie about ‘stuff’

    Even though, as a designer, I Love ‘eye candy’, I try to restrain from adding to the consumption circus. There’s tons of cool items at local tag sales, salvage yards, community benefits, etc. It just feel better to me, knowing I ‘created’ something nobody else has AND I made a difference. That’s just where I personally lean these days. Whatever you decide, it’s all good 😉


    • That is a great point, and I definitely agree with you. In truth, I always prefer to thrift above all else. My main problem is the lack of patience that I mentioned, though I guess there is also something to be said for learning to stave off that instant gratification, as well! Justin saw your comment before I did, and he said he’s 100% in your corner, so I bet there’s a good chance I’ll be waiting it out for the great and powerful Craig to send something my way. Thanks for bringing up this perspective! It is one that can get lost in our Pinterest world.


  2. I ALWAYS think about making my own things or thrifting/buying used before buying something full priced from the store, but sometimes buying full priced new stuff is worth it! I love table number 4 I think it’s so unique, and at less than $100 it’s definitely worth it.


    • Secretly (true confessions), the Designer in me likes the ‘fold-ability’ of #3, plus it’s very “Federal” looking. I also have to say the ‘upside down laundry basket’ is very Chic (& creative) 😉


      • True confessions! I love it! I do think repurposing a laundry basket or trash can would be neat. Plus, if you ever got sick of it, you could just dismantle and make your laundry routine that much more classy. 🙂


    • It’s not to surprising that a crafty frugaler like yourself would look into the build option first! I love #4, too, and I think I would feel okay buying it knowing I’m probably not going to be able to whip something like that up myself!


    • I just love #7! I tried so hard to figure out if there was any way I could fabricate that one with copper pipe, but unfortunately the fittings only make 90 degree angles, and I don’t know how to weld. I do love the ease of the trash can table, though! That one definitely gets points for simplicity and time to completion. 🙂


  3. I love DIY … or rather, I feel like I love the idea of DIY. Looking around my home, I’m much more likely to take an existing piece of furniture and alter it in some way rather than building from scratch. Perhaps that’s just because I lack the tools and skills (right now at least – I can’t wait til I have enough room to have a work space for projects like this!)

    Can’t wait to see how the couch comes out! And I agree – dachshunds are always a good sign 😉

    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket


    • I agree, I like the idea of a DIY more than the reality sometimes. It is also nearly impossible to build something when you don’t have the tools! I really have to depend on Justin when I want something made; I wish I could learn to do more of the work myself. I know that I could, but I do find power tools a bit intimidating. Plus, we actually have a friend who lost half a finger in a miter saw, and that definitely brings home the workshop safety lesson.

      We got the couch back last night, and it looks amazing! I just know the dachshunds had something to do with it! I instantly covered it with a sheet so the dogs don’t wreck it before I can snap a few pictures, lol.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on all these posts. You are simply the best!

      xo – Brittany


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