New, Complete House Tour is Up!


Our old bedroom. I miss it! I love our new house, but the bedroom in our old house is hard to beat. FIVE windows in that bedroom, so I could have my deep green paint, and it never felt the slightest bit dark. In our new bedroom, meanwhile, I’ve primed the accent wall (this one) and that’s about. We don’t even sleep in it right now. Our bed is too tall to fit underneath the windows, and we can’t block the windows because they swing open into the room, so we are living in our own guest room for the time being. It’s kind of like being on an extended vacation, except you still have to go to work and endure chihuahuas trouncing your face every morning at feeding time, which is really no vacation at all. But I digress.

The point of this post is to say that I’ve added a new page to my blog menu with an updated house tour of our old house, including lots of new pics we took before moving out (like the one above). So check it out!


15 thoughts on “New, Complete House Tour is Up!

  1. Ugh, my heart is overflowing with jealousy. It looks like a house straight out of Domino Magazine! You guys are incredibly talented and can come fix up my apartment any day. You have a real eye and a LOT of patience 🙂



    • You crack me up, Cat! I surely did not mean to inspire jealousy in your very soul, but I take it as a big compliment, especially from someone like yourself with a killer fashion sense and equally good taste in dogs. 😉 And I mean, really–Domino! You know how to flatter. I’d so love to take a trip to Cali some day. I’ve never been, and part of that is intentional, because I know I’d never want to leave!


    • Thanks, Jess! Green is my favorite color and pretty much my go-to for decorating. It can be hard to find the time/money for fixing up your place, so it’s totally understandable how a year could fly by. Sounds like you have some fun projects ahead of you! Thanks for visiting and saying hi!


    • Thank you so much, Kathryn, that truly means so much to me! Maybe by the time your imaginary house becomes a real house I will have actually done something about my dream of becoming an interior designer, and then we can team up! GOALS. 🙂


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