Crazy for Moroccan Rugs

If I were in a Beauty and the Beast type situation where a witch was about to transform me into a home furnishing accessory, I would politely ask that witch if she would please consider making me a Moroccan rug.

Moroccan rugs seem to be everywhere on design blogs lately, usually in white and gray or black palettes that are super chic and work in any space, like this adorable room that belongs to Ajenda and Greg at The Twiggies:

This is not, however, the type of Moroccan rug I would ask to be turned into. Not when I could be a crazy amazing, gorgeous, colorful rug with geometric patterns like the cross-section of a giant, diamond-shaped jawbreaker (all you 90s kids out there are bound to have seen the inside of a giant jawbreaker a time or two).

(Vendimia Rugs Moroccan Azayku Berber Multi Rug Β via, $862 for 4×7)

(via the Boucherouite Etsy shop, around $550 for 5×8)

moroccan rug 3
(via the pinkrugco Etsy shop, $898 for 4×8)

As is typical of me, I would most prefer to have an authentic vintage rug, and there are plenty available on eBay, Etsy, and other online resale shops (if you haven’t browsed eBay for rugs, you should definitely check it out!). But retailers are starting to come out with great reproductions, too, and I would gladly welcome either of the West Elm rugs below into my home.

(Riad Wool from from West Elm, $499 for 5×8 or $899 for 8×12)

(Charm Wool Rug from West Elm, $1299 for 9×12)

Which version of these two styles do you prefer–the chic and demure or the bold and artsy? Also, what kind of home furnishing accessory would you want to be turned into? This is something you should really think about seriously if it’s never crossed your mind. And please share–I’m dying to know!


10 thoughts on “Crazy for Moroccan Rugs

    • Rugs being so expensive is a serious downer, BUT I have a several Persian rugs that I’ve bought second-hand and all together they cost WAY less than buying a single one retail. Not sure if you’re into thrifting, but I’ve gotten mine at yard sales, flea markets, and on Craigslist. It takes time, and you find a lot of crap first, but it can pay off!


  1. These rugs are so beautiful! I would love to have one of these, they seem so warm and cozy. I think I’d choose to have one of those colourful ones, because I think that they would spice up any space.


    • Yes to color! They do seem really warm, and I’m sure they’d be really soft and comfortable. They’re so beautiful, though, I’d probably be really annoying and anal about people walking on them; if I had one I’d probably end up putting a velvet rope around it, museum style. πŸ˜‰


  2. I definitely prefer the bold and artsy ones! I’m a bit of a colour fiend and I love mixing and matching patterns. (Have you checked out Justina Blakeney? Her interior design work is some of my favorite.)

    So here’s the thing about rugs .. I can never bring myself to spend a ton of cash on them, and I’m terrified of having anything other than flatwoven. I don’t know why but my cats just love to throw up on rugs. It’s like a weird obsession that they have.

    I did buy a large flatwoven rug from Ikea for about $50 and then paint it myself using bright colours and a bold geometric pattern. I’ve had it since the summer and so far, no barf! (haha!) But it’s doing the trick which I’m happy about.

    xx Kathryn


    • Love Justina Blakeney! We are definitely on the same page as far as color/pattern goes.

      And I’m with you on the rugs, too! It’s a hard investment to make as a pet owner. My dogs don’t throw up too much, but occasionally something does sneak out the other end (sorry, but it’s true), and it’s like they SEEK OUT a rug to do it on, so it must be a weird obsession of all house pets. Maybe it seems like grass or something to them? I’m trying to give them the benefit of the doubt rather than saying they just do it out of spite.

      I LOVE your idea of painting your rug. So creative, and it sounds lovely. I’ve read lots about fabric paint but never tried it myself. You’re making me even more curious, though!


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    • Very interesting article–yes the idea of a handmade rug is hard to even imagine. I’m not surprised that it can take over a year to make. I do know what a dream catcher is, and I think that’s a fantastic choice!!


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