Sunday Style: Flowers and Sunshine

WARNING: When combined with ACTUAL REAL sunshine, wearing a fun floral print causes a sudden rise in energy and enthusiasm that may increase risk-taking behaviors.

This is the latest medical update from the surgeon general, or at least it’s going to be after I submit these photos as scientific evidence.
Floral crop top; picture pose ideas

It’s no secret that I hate winter. Back on December 1, I was already writing about how I missed the daylight, so after another seven weeks of the same gray cloudiness, you’ll have to forgive me if the glorious sight of the sun in the sky made me want to run around everywhere throwing confetti, climbing on things, kissing babies, hugging puppies, giving presents to old people, and baking 1000 funfetti cupcakes to arrange in a giant, edible art installation.

I don’t know many people who would want me to kiss their babies, though, so I stuck to climbing on a couple of things while wearing my favorite Christmas clearance acquisition, a top in a perfect winter floral. Question: are shirts getting shorter or am I getting taller? JUST KIDDING–I haven’t grown in at least 15 years, about the same time it was last appropriate for me to be seen in a belly shirt. I only gave in to this cropped top because it was long enough to wear with high-waisted jeans or a skirt without showing off my blinding winter belly.

I’m not sure if you can tell from the pictures, but this shirt has a slightly ’70s vibe; it has gathered cuffs and is made of the world’s most luxurious fabric–polyester, which has amazing wrinkle- and pet hair-resistant properties. I paired it with one of my favorite purses, a gray cross-body bag with a ’70s-ish touch in the tassled zipper pulls.

I’m super lazy about relocating my belongings when switching bags, though, so whenever possible I try to just put the purse I’m currently using inside the one I want to use. Obviously, it only works when moving to a larger sized bag, but if you’re like me, moving to a smaller sized bag is a very rare occasion. Anybody else use this trick?

How to switch purses quickly


A word of caution, however, when mixing your florals and sunshine with caffeinated beverages. Unlike Red Bull, coffee doesn’t give you wings, but it might make you want to climb on something really high.

Cool picture ideas


15 thoughts on “Sunday Style: Flowers and Sunshine

  1. I love floral everything and believe it is perfectly appropriate to wear year round! (in my old office we did “Floral Fridays”. Ahhh the joys of an entirely female work place!)

    The shirt looks great on you and it is definitely giving off some vintage vibes which I adore.

    Hope you had a great weekend!

    xx Kathryn


    • Floral Friday sounds like so much fun! I like some vintage flair in my clothes, too. I tend not to wear many legitimate vintage pieces because I feel like they can look a little costume-y on me. Maybe I just haven’t found the right pieces, yet. Hope you had a lovely weekend, too!


    • I’ve gotta say, the purse inside the purse is one of my favorite tricks! It helps me not lose things and also keeps me from accumulating crazy amounts of stuff inside a larger purse.

      I love the olive color, too, and it really does go with everything. I think I got it at Old Navy last winter (been saying that a lot lately) on clearance for like $18. It was a super steal.


    • One of my brothers works at Old Navy, and it just happened to come up at dinner last night that they only have stores in the US and Canada. I was really surprised! I thought for sure they were worldwide.


    • Thanks, Chiara! Yes, a floral really does improve your mood, doesn’t it? I can’t even imagine what winter is like in Scotland. You are a lot farther north than I am. Now that it’s nearly February, though, I’m starting to feel a little more like spring is coming. After all, February is almost March, and March is almost April–am I getting ahead of myself? 🙂 We can totally do it, though!


  2. If there’s some sunshine you’ve got to enjoy it! We’ve had nothing but rain but a little bit of sunshine appeared last weekend, I even took a photo to remember it haha!

    You know, I never thought about that bag trick! It’s kind of genius, but most of my bags are hard so I don’t think they’d squash into a second bag.

    I love the floral pattern on your top and your coat too! I’m in agreement with all this cropping of tops. It seems like you can crop anything these days, but I’m not so cool getting a cold belly button!

    ~ K


    • Kerri, you’re cracking me up with that belly button comment! I’m going to save that for the next toast I have to give: “May you live a long, happy life and never know hunger or a cold belly button.” Something like that, anyway. 😉 Love that you took a picture of the sun! Gotta remember it somehow! I used to be a high school English teacher, and my students would read a story about kids who lived on Venus and had never seen the sun their entire lives, so they all gathered around one day to watch it come out for like two minutes. That sounds like us this winter!


  3. Your floral top is so cute! I need to incorporate more prints into my monochrome wardrobe. It’s such an awesome trick to put a smaller bag into a bigger one! Switching bags seems like such a hassle but so I will have to follow your lead and try it out 🙂


    • Thanks!! I’m really drawn to prints, but I think a monochrome look is very chic. Except if I did it, I’d probably be in head-to-toe purple or something, and that wouldn’t be quite so slick. 😉 You gotta try the bag trick! I’m always running late, so it’s basically the only way I’m ever able to switch purses, lol.


  4. hmmm…so your got something you have in’t made???really rare, because you guys do everything, make tables, fix doors, renovate sofas and such things… anyway. Now call be imaginative, but I always thought your the cheery, sweet, loving, easy but happening kind of girl and here you look sweet, your hair and smile. I just love interacting with happy people and you seem like one. Your t-shirt is pleasant and you look sweet not sexy, but that’s so soothing… I like you in this picture, you were great in that white dress of your wedding time too without spectacles. Your a preety, sweet lady that’s the picture I get, I feel happy when I come to your blogs seriously. Goodday…


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