Lucky Dog! Fatty is 7

Fatty was my first dog. Growing up, my dad was allergic to furry things; he told us the only kind of pet we could have was a camel. My dad knows more about the hypoallergenic properties of desert animals than most people, apparently. We did have some indoor/outdoor cats through the years, as well as some hamsters and a guinea pig, but never a dog. In fact, I was pretty afraid of dogs for most of my childhood/adolescent years.

When I met Justin, he had a 160-lb English Mastiff named Bilyeu who was way too sweet and goofy to be afraid of for long, but Bilyeu was never my dog. He only listened to Justin and liked to make a fool of me when I took him on walks. Fatty was the first dog that was mine–that I had as puppy, that I named (I did a great job, eh?), that I could take care of as better than anyone else, and that loved me as only your own dog can.

You can’t do enough good in the world to deserve a dog like Fatty. He’s just the funniest, handsomest, most loveable dog there is. Since puppyhood, Fatty’s been known for being super awkward in social situations, but that’s part of his charm. He’s also been voted best smile for 7 years running (you’ll see why below)!

Here are a few of my favorite Fatty pictures throughout the years.

bblf2 162922_739748381494_6299110_n-2fatty wall3132_610184179194_8008790_n-2311052_938500545564_1863998668_n-2

A lot of these pictures are not super high quality, but they’re basically our old family photos, and being blurry and chaotic is what makes old family photos wonderful and special. Part of what makes Fatty special, too, is that he’s been with us since wayyyy before we had a nice camera. He’s been with us through everything–our first year together, moving from Missouri to North Carolina, three years as grad school ragamuffins living life on a Wal-Mart futon, moving back to Missouri, his two sisters joining the ranks (I know he’s thankful for that daily), and more houses and apartments than he can count.

Happy 7th birthday, Fatty! Glad we’re the lucky dogs who get to be your owners.


5 thoughts on “Lucky Dog! Fatty is 7

  1. Oh who is that bigger dog in the first picture… hmmm I think you will like this video… abd
    and these guys that two tigers Enzo and Ozzy…Ozzy died recently Enzo is there… I want to go to South Africa and check out this guy’s home…

    some people can get along with animals just fine(: do you know the story of christy the lion and have you watched the tigers cubs in two brothers??


    • Hi Maria! That big dog is our dog Bilyeu. We had him when we first got Fatty, but when we moved across the country to live in an apartment, he went to live with Justin’s cousin in the country, where he would have more room to run around. Those videos with the tigers were so sweet–tigers are such beautiful animals! I don’t think I know about Christy the lion, but I’ll have to look it up. 🙂


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