A Double Dose of New Year’s Eve Style

New Year’s Eve and basically anybody’s wedding are my favorite events of the year because they give me an excuse to get dressed up, and I love getting dressed up. I’ve always kind of had a fantasy of working in a The Devil Wears Prada-type scenario where I’d have a reason–nay, an obligation–to wear elaborate outfits and uncomfortable shoes on a daily basis. In my fantasy, this scenario would also consist of less psychological manipulation and more eating, but hey, you can’t have it all. In real life, I work from home three days a week and in a pretty casual office the other two days. This has a lot of perks, but it also means that on weekends I sometimes want to put on every clothing item and accessory I own just to run to the grocery store.

I also grew up with a definite sense of necessity in “dressing for the occasion.” Even now, when I tell my mother or grandmother that I’m going to X place, the first question is, “What are you wearing?” So with NYE coming up at the end of the week, I wanted to share a few ideas for practical and stylish dress. I emphasize practicality because most NYE style ads seem aimed at very formal events, the likes of which I have never attended (though I would like to, so if you throw one of these next year, please consider inviting me) and at people who are not impacted by the realities of weather. Here in the lower Midwest, December 31 is usually pretty damn cold and requires slightly more coverage than a sequined strapless tube dress provides.

Anyway, on to the clothes!

*** Look 1 ***
Look 1 would work great for a house party where you want to be stylish, festive, and comfortable, but don’t necessarily have to dress to impress any Vogue editors.

Winter party style

This dress is pretty lady-like in shape and color, but I think the multicolor “pearls,” off-color tights, and funky shoes keep it from being too precious. The wool coat works with the cotton dress to keep the look more casual, but the green adds another layer of interest. This is NYE, though, so don’t forget to wear all the flashy costume jewelry you got.

Multi-color pearl necklace; tortoise shell glasses


When I bought these shoes off a clearance rack a few years back they had t-straps, but I cut off the middle section to make them a little more foot-flattering.

Retro purple and gray heels; retro mary janes

No matter what kind of party you’re going to, take your style up a notch with a stand-out lip color. It’s totally FUN!

Coach Julayne glasses in spotty tortoise

Coach Julayne glasses


*** Look 2 ***
Look 2 is a bit more glam and would be great for a night out at a bar or restaurant.

Headband with updo

An up-do like a french twist helps show off your bold jewelry, and a headband adds a little extra bit of polish. I’m simply wearing a craft store ribbon that cost something like 60 cents.

Fur scarf accessory

Gold statement necklace

A blazer’s not as warm as a coat for sure, but you can easily wear it all night if your event locale is a little drafty. Add a fur scarf for visual interest and especially warmth!

Perfect shade of red lipstick

Sometimes you can’t beat a simple pump for sexiness and sophistication.

Perfect black pumps or high heels


Perfect french twist updo

What’s your NYE style strategy? Dressed up or dressed down?


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