Crazy for Modern Chandeliers

After only one very gray, wintery day in the Ozarks, I already feel the need for a little more light in my life. For many people, this means fantasies of a beach vacation. For me, not so much. I’m not too crazy about sand, but I’ll tell you what I am crazy about: chandeliers. Not your granny’s heavy, heirloom, lead crystal type chandeliers (beautiful as those are) but modern and contemporary chandeliers that look like art that just happens to give a lovely light.

I love the stainless steel pendant over my dining room table. It’s the right size for my small table, which is the right size for my small dining area. And for $30 at Lowe’s, it was also the right price.


But I do sometimes dream about having a large dining table punctuated with a statement chandelier around which I could have fancy parties where formal dress would be required. Maybe even hats. But as it is, I work from my kitchen table and eat dinner on my couch. Ah, but a man’s reach exceeds his grasp, amiright?

So–to cut to the chase–here’s a little pick me up for the end of a long, drab day. Let there be light!

Glass Orb Chandelier from West Elm
This is the chandelier I have currently picked for my future large dining table. Simple, modern, and doesn’t completely blow the budget.
Glass Orb Chandelier - Opal

Italian Teardrop Chandelier from The Swanky Abode
Italian mid-century lighting is just pretty spectacular across the board. It’s a sub-obsession of my general chandelier obsession.
3 Italian Teardrop Chandelier 1 Swanky Abode Lighting

Woodland Chandelier by Jessica Bodner, featured at
So lovely! It would almost feel wrong eating a mac’n’cheese dinner beneath this beauty. 

Torino Sputnik Pendant from
The mid-century lover simply cannot not include some variation on the Sputnik light. The flower-like glass on this one makes it extra elegant.

Tilda 5 Light Iron/Wood Chandelier from AllModern
A unique and striking twist on a traditional chandelier. For some reason it reminds me of something from beneath the sea.

Which of these lights would you like above your table?


2 thoughts on “Crazy for Modern Chandeliers

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  2. I like the spider sort of lighting the Italian one… looks like a art form too… yes heavy chadeliars will be difficult to maintain too… these ones are elegant… nice


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