TV Room Redo Part 2: Walls Painted

Back in the olden days of home reno TV–before there was 24/7 programming on HGTV and whatnot–many of you may have been fellow fans of TLC’s Trading Spaces. It was a kind of terrifying show, really, where a couple’s neighbors worked with a designer, a short time frame, and a small budget to do a top-to-bottom redo of one room in the couple’s home. The thing I remember from that show (other than the frequently wacky designs that came out of it) was that a lot of participants seemed to live in overwhelming neutral homes, and so the neighbors were trying to cure them of their fear of color. (Fun fact: fear of color, like pretty much every fear in existence, has its own term–chromophobia or chromatophobia.)

Anyway, all of this is to say that sometimes I’ve thought I might have the opposite fear. (Leukophobia, by the way, is the fear of white. Because clearly you were wondering). No longer, though, because now I have my first intentionally white room. The paint is on, and our TV room is now a creamy shade of off-white.


My main motivation to pick a lighter shade was that the TV room has only one window, and it’s on the side of the house that really doesn’t get much natural light. Lighter paint doesn’t always make for a brighter space, but in this case it was the right move.

Picking a shade of white, however, proved pretty tricky. I wanted a warmer white, but there’s only so warm you can get before you’re actually looking at a pink or a yellow. Also, silly as it might sound, I am considerably swayed by the name of the color. In this case, I really wanted it to work out with Pantone’s White Asparagus, but it was just a little too stark. I ended up going with a Valspar shade called Lovely Bluff. It doesn’t have quite the same ring, but I give them credit for the alliteration.

No curtains or art is up or carpet is down, but we have managed to move furniture in and get back to living in this room (much to the dogs’ relief). We love it!


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