Turning a Closet into…a Closet

One of the strangest things about becoming a homeowner is that you develop a sudden ability to care about really boring things. For example–closets. Who cares about closets?! Homeowners–that’s who, and they care a lot.

Which is why it’s kind of a cool deal that the previously useless storage space in my kitchen has finally been converted into a totally usable closet.

Also, my awesome husband did this for me. Or maybe it was already the next project on his list, and I happened to complain right at the time he was getting around to it, but I think it was the former. Several weeks ago, I brought up the tragedy of the underutilized storage space in our kitchen.
My dream, I said, was to have a stackable washer and dryer in that space. Well–that didn’t happen. But the closet is now way more functional, and once all the crap was out of it, I realized it probably wasn’t large enough for a washer/dryer anyway, and it cost about 3% of my proposed washer project, so I’m satisfied.

After removing the weird drawers, Justin leveled the wall with a piece of plywood and patched about a zillion holes from the weird shelving.
IMG_3209  IMG_3212
Then he painted the interior to match the kitchen and added a double rack for shelving and hanging.  IMG_3399
Finally, he finished the space with the same trim and shoe molding found in the rest of the house. No skimping on the details here.
Now, we have effectively concealed all evidence that we are hoarders and even–is it possible?–have a little room to spare.
closet before and after
Looks like I need a few more coats.


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